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    A Family-Owned-and-Operated Boutique

    Barely Visible Bras in Stockbridge, GA is and will always be a family business that truly tries to make clients feel good about how they look. We go the extra mile to make sure that they are properly fitted so they can get the right size of bra.

    How We Started

    Founded on March 1984 (a Month Before AOL.com!)
    With More Than 60 Years of Combined Knowledge of 60 Years Fitting the Hard-to-Fit in Swimwear and Bras

    Barely Visible started out by making custom swimwear for large cups. Sisters Wanda and Linda opened their first store in Atlanta, GA more than 30 years ago, and they soon brought in daughter/niece Tonya Dossett to help manage the business. After hearing a great calling from their clients for better fitting bras, they established Barely Visible Bras.

    Linda has been sewing since childhood. She altered all of her and Wanda’s bras because both of them were particularly top-heavy and never able to fit in regular bras available in stores.

    Through the years, our business thrived more than anyone’s expectations. Now, we reach out with the internet to attract greater attention.

    The whole family works closely together to create a successful professional boutique that makes customers feel welcome when they come in and satisfied when they leave. We are glad to take the time to help those who want to find the correct fit in a bra.

    Stop By Our Boutique Anytime For A Free Custom Bra Fitting!

    Bigger Bras By Barely Visible is located in Stockbridge GA. We have an extensive collection of bras that are designed to flatter your curves.

    Visit our store and shop for gorgeous full-figured lingerie that you can add to your growing collection.  We are excited to have you over!

    Store Hours:  Monday to Saturday:  10 am - 5 pm 

    Address:  Acadian Drive, Stockbridge, Ga 30281

    Phone:  770-506-1887